At Delapré Abbey June 8 and 9 2024

Gin tasting with Warner's

You will learn about gin and get some tasty samples!

Warner’s are legendary gin makers based just up the road in Harrington. They will take you on a journey into the world of gin: the history of gin – from how it started to where it is today – and explain the different production methods that make one gin so different from another and why Warner’s gin is so good.

Founder Tom Warner is a trailblazer – his gin-making pedigree is second to none. Where Tom goes, others follow. He brought the world rhubarb gin made with real rhubarb and raspberry gin made with fresh berries. They were so delicious they sparked countless copycats. But none are a patch on Tom’s farm born creations and Warner’s remains peerless as a producer of premium gin.

Warner’s talks take place in The Library at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm on each day and last for 30 minutes. Places are limited to 40 people for each session so please get there early to reserve your seat.

There will be a chance to try some of the extensive range of Warner’s gin. Warner’s will also have a bottle shop at the festival and a bar outside sellling freshly mixed G&Ts.