At Delapré Abbey June 8 and 9 2024

Towcester Food Festival and Bite Street 

The hottest food and drink events in  Northamptonshire

Delapré Food Festival is brought to you by the creators of Towcester Food Festival and Bite Street NN.

Towcester Food Festival was founded in 2014. More than 6,000 visitors flocked to the event each year and it quickly became established as the premier food and drink show for miles around.

We hope Delapré will take over the mantle of Towcester as the area’s flagship food and drink event, attracting as many, if not more, people to celebrate artisan food and drink on the lawns of Delapré Abbey over one grand summer weekend.

Bite Street NN was founded in 2019 and is Northampton’s hottest street food pop-up, featuring outdoor eating and bar and attracting the best street food traders for miles around.

We were inspired to launch Towcester Food Festival as we wanted to mimick the achievements of the Ludlow Food Festival and create an event which showcases the best artisan food and drink in Northamptonshire and helps to energise the local food economy. 

We want to continue that tradition at Delapré. We could never have got that first event off the ground without the help of our volunteer Festival Makers who greet and guide our visitors and whose support, so generously given, is so humbling.

If you can spare a few hours to help as a volunteer at Delapré Food Festival, please get in touch.